EV'S Photography services

You are planning a birthday party or wedding, or any other nice big or small event. Having fun, you don't want to think about making pictures of this event, but you really want to leave something funny or beautiful from this day into the photo album. That's why I am here to help you.

  • Weddings

    I will meet with you approximately six weeks before your wedding so that we can discuss your plans and the style of photography you wish to have. More

  • Photo book example video

    This book I ordered from Lidl Photo http://www.lidl-photos.co.uk/ . There are 26 pages (but the book can have up to 100 pages). More

  • Events

    Event Full Service is from £ 55. Price includes minimum1 hr. of event photograph coverage (minimum 10-15 images), More

  • Portraits

    Portrait Full Service is from £ 55 Price includes minimum 1 hr. of portrait photograph coverage(15 best images), More

  • Video and portfolio

    I can create a short video with or without script (with words or without), adding music and other effects... More

  • Interior photography

    I can take any interior photography you like. I've done some photo-sessions of the Hotels and pubs. More

  • Editing example